16 Apr 2019

Super Mario for the C64 coming soon

Stop what you are doing now and read the news
but better take a seat and your pills 1st because there is a release 
about a game we all know and it's almost complete for the C64.
User ZeroPaige posted an update about his project and his new game called

Super Mario Bros 64.

Yes you heard right, the news were spread from Lemon64
2 days ago and he uploaded a video for comparison to show the progress
of the game he done 6 years before.
You can understand this is an older project and its ready to be revived.

Here is the new video ZeroPaige released

You can understand how excited we are also and we can't wait to  play the game
with the new Beta Joysticks from DinoHatzi shown on Amicamp this year.

Below it's the new and the old game video to see the progress 

And the Article from Lemon64

Stay tuned on VCS for more great news from the Retro scene.
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