27 Mar 2019

Vampire V4 standalone Laptop tests

A member from the Apollo team Renaud Schweingruber demostrates how easy you can attach a V4 standalone with an external keyboard monitor solution and in the future you can 
have a portable 68k Amiga. Vampire is an FPGA solution with reasonable price
and easy it can reproduce a high end 68k Amiga.
Watch the Video from his personal YT account.

26 Mar 2019

Retro Planet: have no fear 'cause 23 is here!

Yes its here.
The 23rd issue of Retroplanet Magazine is out.
You were informed by Dony's Blog the issue will be ready maybe before Amicamp #7
and here it is.Ready to be delivered at your doorstep.

Fresh and still smelling ink when we see the cover art photoshoot from Antnik we can understand the content will be interesting too.

We have our new section followed by the Amiga News article covered by George Sokianos.

We continue to the 8/16 bit reviews were John Tsakiris and Bill Kostopoulos are testing 

More content including the 8 magic bits section covering the Apple with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and their story for Apple II computers.
We also dont forget the Music related pages on the magazine

For more info and content Follow :
And order your issue at : 

25 Mar 2019

10 minute Amiga Retrocast new Episode #25

This week 10 MARC doing a tutorial on the wonderful Amigavision program from the early nineties. HE will be building a small presentation with Audio, video, static images and animations. Everything was created on an Amiga 500 and an Amiga 4000. The pictures were captured on his DCTV in 24 bit color and converted to HAM6 with AdPro. The audio was captured with an AD516 card in his A4000 and converted to 8 bit 8SVX files.
If you don't have AmigaVision, it is still available for download from various archive sites.

Follow 10 minute Amiga Retrocast for more Amiga content

24 Mar 2019

New A1200 accelerator with 68060 and FPGA will hit the Market soon

There is a new hardware accelerator developement on the A1200 we all dream about
we heard the news and we inform you that this accelerator is a new 68060 brand new card with lots of capabilities to offer such as wifi usb clockport FPGA co-processor and many more.

Specs of the card are:
68060 @50 (overclocked even up to 100, depends on revision)
256MB DDR3-800 RAM
RTG graphics up to 1920x1080 resolution and full 24bit color
fast hardware blitter
port for optional flicker-fixer for AGA video
16bit stereo audio codec (no AHI driver yet)
onboard fast-ATA CF port ~6MB/s transfer rate
additional cache (64kB) to comensate DDR latency.
400MHz ARM MCU -> SD card with DMA, JPEG decoding, MP3 decoding, etc. but theese features will be implementet later. Currently ARM is not used yet at all.

Main CPU:68060, FPGA act as a bridge, DDR memory ctrl, cache, RTG, etc. There is also 16bit audio codec, WiFi module and 400MHz ARM MCU for later planned additional features

Is there audio from hdmi - yes, for video optional flicker-fixer will be offered. There is special port on Warp1260 for it.

The Card is almost entering "beta" stage, so a bit of patience, but it will be availabe later this year.. Later updates will add more great features
No price announced but be paitent.
Only Amiga makes it possible :)

L’Abbaye des morts - New Commodore 64 game

A new Commodore 64 game released on 18th of January this year. Its called L'Abbaye des morts.
A fantastic game for the C64 collection. It offers Hi-res graphics and 20 challenging rooms.
The Music is made by Gryzor and Saul Cross and have some wonderful music.
Game is released as a digital download but also as a boxed game in 2 versions, Disk and Cartridge.

This is the story of the Game:

In the 13th century, the Cathars, clerics who preached about the poverty of Christ and defended life without material aspirations, were treated as heretics by the Catholic Church and expelled out of the Languedoc region in France. One of them, called Jean Raymond, found an old church in which to hide from crusaders, not knowing that beneath its ruins lay buried an ancient evil.

  • Hi-resolution Graphics
  • An amazing soundtrack by Gryzor and Saul Cross
  • 20 challenging rooms
  • 14 Different types of enemies
  • A dragon!
  • Secrets passages and a hidden room
  • PAL / NTSC compatible!

Game package contains: 

  • Cardboard Box
  • Cartridge or Floppy
  • 11″x13″ Poster
  • Instruction Manual
  • Extra with the cartridge version: Jean Raymond's Ring!

The game is Available on the link shown:

22 Mar 2019

VCS 4th Amstrad CPC intro premiere.

Tomorrow  VCS will release their 4th Intro made on Amstrad CPC on our youtube channel.
Demo was made from Dony, member of the VCS club and owner of the Dony's old computers blog.
More releases of Demos will come in the near future.
You may wander what other demos are available ? what no.4 ? where are the other 3 parts?
Dont worry, follow our youtube channel for more demoscene stuff from various retro platforms.

Demo Premiere : 23 March 2019 6:30PM EET.

Bridge Strike Available on April 2019

The is a new Amiga game by Project R3D, awarded second place in the Game Competition at RetroKomp event in GdaƄsk. Get behind the controls of your plane and fight for peace. You are the last hope!

The game has stunning old school pixel graphics a dedicated chiptune soundtrack and SFX and features several types of terrain across diverse and demanding missions

Edition: CD box + floppy
Requirements: OCS, 14 MHz CPU, 1 MB Chip, 1 MB Fast RAM
Availability: April 2019

Price: 17,00 EUR

Preorder your game from amiganet.pl

21 Mar 2019

World Warrior - Amiga unreleased Beat em up game

Amiga always have surprises from time to time and thats awesome for a 30 year old computer finding new stuff all the time. Saberman released a new video showing a beat em up game called Word warrior for Amiga. On the video we can see some gameplay footage of the actual game never released. 

It reminds me a lot of capital punishment game for Aga amiga's with big sprites and nice character animations. Too bad we didnt see this game released.

Keith wrote on his personal blog that world warrior was a working title and this game is for street fighter 2 what Blaze is to Sonic. A blatant Rip-off. The game was mainly a reaction for Keith because when SF2 for amiga came out it was a total disaster in graphics and gameplay. This was the time when Rage came to his mind and coded on Assembly world warrior.
On the development of the game Keith learned a trick how to scroll the screen on 50hz even if the whole game runs on 25hz.
The massive flickering on the video that occurs is due to a bug in the scrolling and later this bug was fixed in a later version but the patch was lost in a hard drive crash.
Amiga still surprises me with those gems that came up to the surface.
Who knows how many unreleased games are locked inside the Attic or the old garage when small kids with passion wrote those games for their beloved Amiga.
One thing for sure is people love those machines and release their secret gems from time to time.
Stay tuned for more news from the VCS.

Download links for World warrior AGA demo bellow :

Download game 
Keith's personal page

18 Mar 2019

Tetris Pro for Amiga gets a facelift after 21 years

Total awesome. Who will believe that after 21 years one classic game made in AmosPro2.0
will recieve an update in 2019. Tetris Pro V.1.5.4 is out there and the classic game got some nice touches. Music has changed and nice particle effects added on line drops. I will miss the dull song from the old version but i still got it in my Amiga HD backup.
watch gameplay on the YT video

Amicamp #7 hosted by Foundation 30-31 March 2019

Amicamp is here again this year for the 7th time. The biggest amiga event in Greece related around Amiga Hardware AmigaOS4.1 Icaros next gen Amigas and the culture of Amiga Computers. This year the Amiga Fans all around Greece will gather for the annual Sensible Soccer Cup #3.

We will also have 2 Vampire accelerated Amigas (V600 V2 - V500 V2) boosting the event with lots of Demoscene music Videoclips and Internet browsing on an A600. Also Amithlon Laptop will be present on the Amicamp event. Members from the VCS Athens Club will also bring MorphOS PPC updated systems to complete the Amiga Experience on an exciting weekend on
30-31 of March on 2019.   Join The camp.

More info in the links bellow :

17 Mar 2019

VCS Greets the Retro Community Worldwide

Welcome to The Vintage Computers Society (VCS) of Athens Greece. This is the 1st post for starting this new blog related to retro gaming , retro news , hardware reviews , interviews with retro community members , events and many more related to our favorite computers and consoles from the past 3 decades we all loved and share our respect till today.
   VCS is located in the Heart of Athens. A vast collection of Computers are present in the Club and all the members have contributed for the Huge collection of Home micro computers and consoles from various companies such as Commodore , Acorn , Amstrad , Sinclair , Apple , Sega , Nintendo , Neo Geo , Atari , Philips and many more.
   There is also a huge collection of Retro joystics and gamepads from Greek Companies and other brands from around the world.
  We also have a big love For Amiga Computers and many members are equipped with the latest technology on hardware based amigas using Vampire Accelerators and the latest gadgets on hardware.
    We also support the Greek Retroplanet Magazine. The only retro magazine in Greece printed on paper with readers from all around Greece.
    VCS members also supporting the Greek Retro Exhibitions with Vintage computers, consoles and presentations in various locations in Athens.

Stay tuned for more Vintage evolution.