27 May 2019

Vampire 500 - Earth 2140 gameplay

This is another game that plays flawless on Vampire500+ 
Earth2140 is a Scifi strategy game not well known to the US market but it has
2 more sequels, Earth 2150 and Earth 2160. The game was popular in western europe and 
more popular with lots of sells on Turkey because of the included language.

 photos taken from Hall of light
Photos taken from Hall of Light

 Cotter's Stuff Channel uploaded a fine gameplay video showing the power of the Vampire accelerator playing the game in RTG mode. The game performs really well and this is shown to the video below that Pedro uploaded for us.

Front Box cover taken from Hall of light

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12 May 2019

Rygar AGA gets a playable demo version

It wasn't very long ago on April we had some development over the Rygar game for Amiga.
A fine and excellent port from the well known arcade game.
Today we have a playable demo to share with you from Seismic Minds author of the game.
They released a playable demo version of the game.

Game is playable from round 1 to round 6. 
Warning as the author says on his page and in the intro of the game
there are still bugs out there, so the game is possible to crash or hang with a guru.
don't worry its a demo version.

Here is a quick gameplay video we prepared for you

You can test it by yourself and share your thoughts with us on our official FB group.
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Link to the game to download 

10 May 2019

PONG 4K - A New Pong genre game for AGA Amiga

Great news for Amiga as this month and the last one we saw a lot of amiga games popping.
Here comes another one release from Koyot1222 and Goatmare. 
At a first glance you will think this is another pong game or a clone but it ain't.
This is a full CD32 release game with cdxl intro and audio CD soundtrack.
The game was 1st released back in October 2018 in Retrokomp2018  
It took 3rd place on the gamedev compo.

We are happy to announce Amiga.net.pl has released a physical copy too on CD boxed version
on a very reasonable price and a downloadable iso. You should grab your copy too.

Credits for the youtube video for gameplay : Lemming880
Code/Sfx: Cobe, Pixelart: Koyot1222, Music: Goatmare, Testing: Lemming880

The specs of the game we found from Amiga.net.pl:

 real full screen 320x267 pixels
 animated CDXL intro in HAM-6 mode
 possibility to play up to four players simultaneously
 three different game modes
 in-game music in the form of AudioCD
 dynamic stereo sound effects panning
 parallax scrolling

This Boxed edition includes:
 game CD (also bootable on CD32)
 color printed manual
 DVD box with color cover
 foil for box
 sticker 7x10 cm
 coloured poster in A3 format

Storage: 1 CD 
 Edition: CD box 
Requirements: AGA, 14 MHz CPU, 2 MB Chip RAM, CD-ROM 
Availability: June 2019 

Game can be bought on the links Bellow :

Also there is one Free version from the Compo and ca be found on pouet.net:

So you can try the democomp version and if you like the game 
help developers and buy the physical copy too

6 May 2019

Vespertino : Batman Group breaks the limits

''28 years of productions for several platforms are not enough''

This is a line from the new video from the Batman Group.
After several productions on various 8-bit and 16-bit machines the team
has passed the limit of the Amstrad CPC and finaly they are ready to release a new game called


An 8bit racing game that performs like a 16 bit game with awesome graphics
and the biggest OST ever for a CPC game.
We thought Batman team after pinball dreams reached the limits of CPC, but not.

Vespertino hits your Amstrad so hard with graphics like the Lotus series for the amiga
and smooth scrolling. When we show the video we said thats impossible.
We said the same thing too when we sao EON from the black lotus on Revision 2019

The team Responsible for the game is:

3D graphics by Tony Galvez
Art byMAC
Coding by Rhino

This Game has those features on his graphics engine:

16bit performance, 3D CRTC-FX engine, Full overscan, 25fps on game, Real Racing simulator
true speed, true feel, enchanced video modes with RPI technology, The biggest OST for a CPC game.

''The Amstrad supremacy is coming'' 

2 May 2019

TGS: A New Greek Arcade Controller is revealed!

It's was 1st of April when Dony wrote on his blog about the new arcade controller, a project started by Kostas Hatzivasiliou (dinohatzi). It was actually April Fool's Day, so many might have thought that whole thing was "fake" or an Amiga-style joke like "vaporware". But no, it was not! And those who know Dony very well, they can assure you that he already stopped telling April Fool's Day jokes since he was still on the elementary school.

But let's go back to dinohatzi's joystick for which Dony revealed he was among the lucky "beta testers" of -what else- the beta version of this joystick. Now, having the creator's permission, We can write down our first impressions and some technical details. So let's get straight to the point, shall we?

Isn't she a beauty ?

First of all, we have been informed that a possible name for this controller may be "The Greek Stick" or more briefly "TGS". We don't know if this name will be finally adopted, but we personally find it cool and, anyway, we have to somehow give a name to this controller for our post. So, "TGS" it is!

With the legendary Pacman ...

... and also the legendary Tomahawk.

As you can see at the pictures, the TGS is similar in size to the classic Tomahawk while it is noticeably smaller than the all-times favorite Pac-man. We have the 2-buttons TGS version which also includes an autofire switch -a detail that will be much appreciated by the 
shoot 'em up fans, like us. 
Besides the one or two fire buttons, the TGS is fit inside a high quality and durable aluminum case, that differentiates it from the Pac-Man's and Tomahawk's plastic cases. To be more specific and give a more detailed picture, here are the casing dimensions of these three controllers (in mm), without the suction cups, fire button, autofire button and the main lever:

- Tomahawk: 126x92x43mm

- Pac-man: 149x103x40mm

- The Greek Stick: 120x94x34mm

Due to its somewhat smaller dimensions, greater weight (it's a metal case remember?) and its construction materials, the TGS gives the impression of being more solid than the Pac-man and the Tomahawk respectively, which is like a ...miracle indeed! The point is that thanks to the way it's built and the choice of expensive and durable materials, this brand-new Greek arcade joystick is made to last for dozens of years, just like the joysticks created by Nikos Anerousis 30+ years ago.

And a top view

At this point we have to make it clear that the 2nd fire button, unlike what happened with the 
Pac-man, does not do the same job as the first button and it is actually a 2nd fire button. This means that it can be used in games that support a second fire button, i.e. for throwing grenades, jumping, etc. Especially for the  Amiga computers, the games made for dual button joysticks are not rare at all. Playing some sessions with the classic Hybris and Battle Squadron shooters, confirmed the actual thing of the above claims...

Tested on C64 with success

For the time being, we will not write more about TGS. But We will do so in the (near) future, when a more detailed presentation is available in the next, 24th Retro Planet magazine issue that will be released in June. Do not forget that we tested the beta TGS version, which means that some of its features might change until its official release and we do not have the final packaging which, as we were told, it will be very "unique". 
So you can understand that some things are still -lets say- "fluid". 
Until then, keep in touch with VCS for more.

TGS will be available in 2 colors