26 Apr 2019

Lumberjack gets a facelift as a new platform

After the C64 release and then Lumberjack reloaded on Amiga as an arcade style game
chopping trees non-stop here comes a new game platformer designed by Lemming880 with 
graphics from Koyot1222, support from cobe and music by Tommy/Android.
Based on the same Hero this game becomes a nice platformer made on Redpill game creator.

The game is simple and playable.
 20 levels to slash you enemies with your axe, collect woodpiles and exit through the door on every level. I am sure you will like this game as we did.

Gameplay video from Per-Ola-Eriksson

Requirements : Amiga 1200

22 Apr 2019

A1200 Turbo Card EC1220 is coming soon

News from the Amiga Scene and especially from Archi-Tech store. This time we were informed about a new stunning A1200 accelerator with reasonable price. Just what we were looking for to
play our beloved WHDLOAD games. For the specs let me tell you that this accelerator is faster than an 68030 at 25mhz.  Its equipped with an 68EC020 clocked at 38mhz with 8mb fast ram.
Bear in mind this is a very 1st version of the card and specs and speed might change in the future.
Bellow we have a sysinfo screen showing the perfomance of the Turbo Card EC1220

Also the developers have also uploaded a video on youtube to show the perfomance of the turbo card
and they also play some doom to test the card. 

In the future we will see more cards pop like blueberries but this one will hit the market fast.
 Why ? Because mostly Amiga users who fired up their rig to play some games they only want the most wanted specs to play them. You dont need a fortune to buy a turbo card. 
The future is Here.
more info soon

Cyberwolf Game Preview by Dekadence at Revision 2019

Wow this Revision for 2019 was a blast with awesome demos ,music, new hardware, beers and
a new presentation from dekadence with a game for all 68k Amigas called Cyberwolf.
This game runs on a stock A500 with 512kb chip and 512kb fast.
Its not too accelerator friendly as it runs on 000/OCS. The engine is fast for a stock A500.

Code by britelite
Graphics by bracket, dodke and spiikki
Level design by oasiz
Additional help by chb and kalms

File for download can be found on Pouet.net

21 Apr 2019

New version of Open Dune II port has been released

The new version has been uploaded to  Aminet and its ready to be tested by dune fans
After testing the new version of open dune II port for 68k Amiga's 
the sound glitch has been fixed from version 0.009.003 and in the latest
version 0.009.004 the MT-32 initialization has been fixed.
Also tested on Vampire600 with Gold Core 2.11 and works fine.

Video from Schla Ki follow his channel

click for file on the link:

20 Apr 2019

Biojet gameplay - A new Amiga PD game

Another one new release for the Amiga.
This time paranoicb tests on his Vampire600 a new game called Biojet.
Its a game made by Roy Schneider. This game was released on Aminet today.
Written in ASM 68k this game offers parallax scrolling fast paced 50hz gameplay and a really
nice music and graphics. On the video below you will see some gameplay footage.


In 1997 a game released was called 'Cybergene' for the MS-DOS platform.
The graphics for that project had been drawn on several AMIGA's. The Author always
wanted to use the graphics again for an AMIGA platformer. Well the result
is a bit different and it is 22 years late - but finally...

Technical Info:

The game is entirely written in 68K assembly, taking advantage of horizontal
sprite multiplexing, using a heavy copperlist, in order to make the scrolling
background image. To generate that 'stone' background image, sprite stripes
are used, 16 pixels wide and 192 pixels high. Sprite 4 is placed at x=0,y=0
and sprite 5 is placed x=16,y=0. The sprite priority register is set, so that
sprites appear beyond the playfield bitmap data. When the raster beam reaches
the sprite 5 on the first line, the sprite control register for sprite 4 is
changed x-wise by 32 pixels, making the chipset repeating the pixel line of
sprite 4 right to sprite 5. Then when the raster beam has reached that
'multiplexed' line, the control register for sprite 5 is changed, so that this
sprite is repeated right to the already repeated sprite 4. This is now repeated
until the scanline ends.
To put it into a nutshell, the copper is 'running' ahead of the beam, twisting
the sprite registers. On the end of each scanline the sprite positions are
turned back to normal and the procedure is now repeated for the next and next
scanline, until we reach the bottom line of the playfield. The slow scrolling
effect is made simply by changing the sprite images for the two sprites. The
foreground graphics is a standard 4-plane playfield giving 16 colors using a 352
pixel wide screen with a modulo of 4, ending up with 320 logical pixels per
scanline. For scrolling purposes 16 pixels are hidden on the left, by setting up
the window accordingly. So we end up with 304 visible pixels per scanline. The
game character is build up from two 16-color sprites made from four 4-color
sprites 0/1/2/3.
Sprite 6-7 stay unused. The bottom drop graphics is 5 planes, filling up the
screen to scan line 245. So on NTSC machines some of the credits might not be
visible, but that does not effect the game play.


- Any AMIGA with 68k CPU.
- 512 KB Chip and 512 KB (Slow)Fast or more.
- OCS/ECS/AGA chipset, PAL/NTSC supported.
- Kickstart 1.2 or higher

The game runs under Kickstart 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 3.0 and
3.1 on OCS, ECS and AGA computers.

More info and download link below:

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18 Apr 2019

MorphOS testing RNOradio

We tested under MorphOS a new app called RNOradio.
The file was released from jPV.

 RNORadio is a GUI based internet radio player program for MP3 streams.
 The actual streaming and playback is based on the CgmRadio program, but
 RNORadio still works as a stand-alone program with no dependencies.


 - Two GUI options: MUI or custom skin(s)
 - Displays stream titles in real-time from the MP3 metadata
 - Comprehensive station editor, with option to load station logo(s) from
   a local drive or Internet (both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported)
 - Supports multiple streams per station
 - Can import streams from PLS, M3U, Extended M3U, and XSPF playlist files
 - Has a Shoutcast search window
 - Animation support for custom skin elements, and a station's logo
 - Alpha transparency support in custom skins with images and animations
 - Can display extra information from stations, but currently only intended to
   display the "OneLiner" chat from Nectarine when using the MUI GUI
- ARexx, command line, and tooltypes support

Download link:

New Open Dune II port tested with Vampire600 V2

A new game port has been released for the 68k amigas and its none else than Dune II.
This game was also released for the Amiga back in the days.
Novacoder has released this version on Aminet 2019-04-16.
Paranoicb member of the VCS has tested the port to his Vampire600 V2.
Here is a quick video showing the RTG support is working fine.


Amiga 68k port of OpenDUNE.
OpenDUNE is an open source re-creation of the popular game "Dune II",
originally made by Westwood Studios, and released by Virgin Entertainment.
It attempts to re-create the original game and apply modern technology to it
to allow it to be run natively on most operating systems.


1) An RTG Amiga with a fast 68040 processor
2) AHI installed (v4.18 recommended)
3) 3.1 ROMS (3.0 ROMS may cause it to run slowly)
4) A copy of the PC game data files

video from Cotter's Stuff channel on Youtube


* RTG SDL port
* AHI Sound support
* MIDI support
* Fullscreen and window mode support

File on the link below :

16 Apr 2019

Super Mario for the C64 coming soon

Stop what you are doing now and read the news
but better take a seat and your pills 1st because there is a release 
about a game we all know and it's almost complete for the C64.
User ZeroPaige posted an update about his project and his new game called

Super Mario Bros 64.

Yes you heard right, the news were spread from Lemon64
2 days ago and he uploaded a video for comparison to show the progress
of the game he done 6 years before.
You can understand this is an older project and its ready to be revived.

Here is the new video ZeroPaige released

You can understand how excited we are also and we can't wait to  play the game
with the new Beta Joysticks from DinoHatzi shown on Amicamp this year.

Below it's the new and the old game video to see the progress 

And the Article from Lemon64

Stay tuned on VCS for more great news from the Retro scene.
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14 Apr 2019

Amiga Power : The Album with Attitude

On This Update we have to inform our readers for a new album release 
Amiga Power : The Album with attitude by Matthew Smith

A double CD collection of Amiga Game music remixes, inspired by 
the mightiest computer games magazine ever conceived by human beings.
Starring the tuneful talents of Andrew Barnabas, Allister Brimble, Mike Clarke, Fabian Del Priore, Olof Gustafsson, Jogeir Liljedahl, Joi, Jon Hare, Chris Huelsbeck, Barry Leitch, Patrick Nevian, Jason Page, Instant Remedy, Matthias Steinwachs, Jeroen Tel, Tim Wright and a whole host of other excellent persons, the AP album is set to come your way via two (count ‘em!) compact discs, or an equivalent digital download if you’re distrustful of physical objects.

Yes you heard right. There is a Kickstarter almost complete to reach the goal of $20.925
soon it will be completed and you have to hurry to pledge your copy.
Amiga Power is a brand new collection of 30 studio quality amiga tracks remixed by all these talented musicians

Grab your copy for one of the best retro Amiga albums of 2019

11 Apr 2019

Sardonic - A cross platform shoot-em up for Amiga, Spectrum, PC

2019 is a good year like 2018 when more than 30 titles were released for various platforms.
Oldschool gaming is again on the rise and this time we have Sardonic.
Its a blast from the past as the title screen on the ZX spectrum says.
 amiga version screenshots
amiga version screenshots

Sardonic is a multiplatform shoot-em up game released for:
ZX spectrum
The team of the game says that more platforms of the game are on development.
Its a fast paced shooter game and very addictive.

 ZX spectrum Version
ZX spectrum version

The Amiga versions are for OCS/ECS and AGA machines
(its also the latest version added)
The ZX spectrum version works on 48k / 128k / +2 / +2A / +3
(extra special effects on 128k machines)
The windows version works on Win95 / win2000 / XP / Vista / Win7

 WindowsPC version
WindowsPC version

Code and Graphics by MadAxe
Music by Fred.

More info on the link below :

10 Apr 2019

Vampire1200 Apollo Team Activity Report (March 2019)

March Activity Report
Nearly 4 months -- it’s what it took to hang over December’s parties and go back to writing this activity report. Water hadn’t time to freeze under the bridge and quite a lot of things happened during that time. Not all of them are gigantic and impressive steps on the user side but their complexity got as high as their requirement. Let’s try to get them now under the scope of a rising sun and welcomed spring.
Vampire V1200

Majsta, with the help of Claude (aka the NSFW shaolin monk), are working on bringing up the Vampire V1200. Things are coming along and Igor has already shown very positive results some weeks ago. Card is booting nicely at the moment at x6 speed (hint: base clock of A1200 is twice the A500 ;-P).
Amiga 1200 is a special beast and all its revision have very different behavior which we need to go through each of them methodically. We should not assume because we have it working on some very common and widespread revision like the 1D4 that it will be the same with others. Some other A1200 accelerators even needed fixes on motherboard to make them work correctly. Our goal is to avoid modifying A1200 boards **at all**.
We also want to think smart about mechanical part of the Vampire 1200 and we hope to bring a way for users to swap out devices from the Vampire without having to open their case. By the way, we will also make sure that Vampire 1200 is compatible with the original Commodore case and A1200.net remastered version.
If not already done, it might be time to get your A1200 ready by having it recapped by a professional (we have several in the community).
Team is gathering some various fixes and little improvements which happened during the V4 Standalone development. These changes can easily be back-ported to Vampire V2 GOLD2 core branch :
  - Mouse hotspot and editable hardware sprite support (requires driver update)
  - Auto-turtle mode when game is running in ChipRAM (improves game compatibility)
  - 15-bit PC / 16-bit PC / 32-bit ARG and 32-bit BGR modes support (driver improvement)
  - morelibspace command not required anymore for AfAOS users (saves a reboot)
  - Core revision in a register

Read the related article on The Apollo Team Forum

9 Apr 2019

Sensible Days 2019 World cup this Summer

It's time to officially announce the biggest, most sensible event of 2019, Sensible Days! 
This year the 16th annual Sensible Soccer World Championships will take place in Fulda (Germany). Be prepared for a great tournament, lots of old and new SWOS friends and lots of fun in the heart of Europe!

There will be two main tournaments (SWOS 96/97 on PC DOS & Amiga version) and one side tournament. (Classic Sensi, played on Amiga).

All tournaments will be played on original hardware!

For more info follow the links below
Forum (Format & Rules etc.):
Tournament announcement

7 Apr 2019

FIRST LOOK : New Amiga Keycaps from A1200.net

AmigaBill takes a look at the brand new Commodore Amiga keycaps from A1200.net. He compares them to the original keys on his Amiga 1200 then attempts to replace a regular key and a key with a stabilizer on his Amiga 4000 keyboard. These keycaps come from A1200.net's 2017 Kickstarter campaign and they will be starting a new IndieGoGo for anyone who missed the Kickstarter. 

More info at:

6 Apr 2019

Kobo Deluxe A new game port for the Vampire from Arti

Kobo Deluxe is an enhanced version of Akira Higuchi’s game XKobo for Un*x systems with X11. Kobo Deluxe adds sound, smoother animation, high resolution support, OpenGL acceleration (optional), an intuitive menu driven user interface, joystick support and other features. Recent versions also add a number of alternative skill levels with slightly modernized gameplay. Kobo Deluxe uses SDL for graphics, sound and input, which makes it possible to build and run the game on pretty much anything.

Update: Fixed double memory free on exit.

Watch the gameplay done by Pedro Cotter on this Youtube Video


Minimum: Amiga with 68060 CPU, RTG card and 16MB ram
Recommended: Amiga with Vampire accelerator card

Usefull Links:

2 Apr 2019

New Alpha Prototype Joystick shown on Amicamp 7#

Newsflash for the retro-scene as at the most recent AmiCamp event that was hosted at the Found.ation building in Athens, a number of Alpha prototype joysticks were exhibited to our visitors at the event's second day, on Sunday 31 of March. The new joystick was tested and the participants found it a very interesting retro gadget. Apart from the Sensible Days 3 cup we had as our main event, we also made 2 more software and hardware presentations.

For the time being we can't give any further info regarding the 1st project, as a new Commodore Amiga game is under development. Nevertheless, we can talk about the new joystick.

For the past few months, our personal friend and founding member of the Vintage Computers Society Club Athens (VCS Athens) Kostas Hatzivasiliou (aka ''Dinohatzi" to the Greek retro community) started a new project and a ''personal'' goal!  If someone doesn't know how difficult it is to manufacture such an arcade-level and arcade-quality device, I can assure you it's not a walk in the park at all!
Kostas set a personal goal to build a new 9-pin joystick that includes all those unique characteristics that made the classic Tomahawk joystick from Anerousis one of the best ever joysticks of the Greek market back in the 90s. Tomahawk was the King of arcade-style home joysticks, 30 years ago!
If you think that an actual, metallic arcade-style joystick is easy to be found in 2019 at a reasonable price, you are wrong. Surely someone you has the demanded knowledge can make one, but the cost would be too high to reach a Tomahawk's great standards and quality!
Using a lot of reverse engineering, making searches on the internet and finding quality parts for the joystick's construction, Kostas visited the 7th AmiCamp event with 6 complete Alpha- prototype Joysticks to test them on actual Amiga computers and see the outcome.
All joysticks were tested and the participants and the visitors were very positive towards the new joysticks.
Panos and Nick from Retroshowcase.com were present too, to test the new joystick.
During the AmiCamp event, apart from the Alpha-prototypes) there was a joystick with green colored buttons (actually this is the 1st completed joystick from Kostas).
There were also some 2-button versions available to show that the 2nd button was acting as it was meant to, in 2-button Amiga games. We know that in the next few weeks some prototypes will be sent to the Amiga community for further tests.
The 1st Beta joysticks are already sent to Vaggi6128 and Paranoicb (members of the VCS Athens) and we will soon have updated info and news from the whole development.

We also thank our social media for spreading the news

Sensible Days 2019 @ Amicamp 7

Everyone was there for the biggest Amiga Event in Greece on the Found.ation building. Teams and Groups were ready for the Sensible Days 2019 cup on Amicamp 7#

 The random Lottery Begins and the names are announced for the 3 groups of the
soccer league.

 The Teams were ready and after a quick snack and a coffee for extra power let the games begin. Tsak is warming up Paranoicb (DJ Nest)

 Alex76gr on the keyboard for some serious amiga gaming
 DJ Nest's Vampire Amiga600 was there to support the Sensible soccer cup.
It was one of the 3 machines that supported the Group C on the Cup.
For one more time vampire was full compatible and capable for gaming.

 Final Games were set between Cool_Amigan & Tsak. The struggle was massive and the skills used 
were extraordinary.

 The winner of the Sensible Days 3 Cup on Amicap is Cool_Amigan.
Tsak gives the Worthy game present to the winner and the Soccer Trophy goes to the hands of the winner on this exciting event

It was a wonderful experience for everyone who was there those 2 days.
not much time to describe how wonderfull it was but the photos are the real storytellers this time.
More updates will follow with video and hardware news from the Amicamp 

Read the original post on Dony's Blog

Amicamp 7 1st day photos

Amicamp 7 took place on the Found.ation building as we do every year with friends and many members of the VCS club. Amiga addicts set up and fire their cannons . Demoscene Music and detailed conversations took place on 1st day with lots of gaming and practice for the next day
Sensible world of soccer cup. Who will be the winner ?
John Tsakiris with his game Worthy was there with us to share his game and inform us for the latest news on the Amiga gaming scene. JimmyNesta was the Demoscener of the day showing us wonderfull OCS demos.
stay tuned for more amicamp news.

Read the original post on Dony's Blog , the best Greek retro news