31 Aug 2019

IBrowse 2.5 for Amiga released

We have already heard about a new IBrowse update and on 30th of Aug
Version 2.5 has been officialy released on the IBrowse webpage

IBrowse is a fast, stable, classic web browser helping you surf the net with your AMIGA. Features include HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 browsing, TLSv1.3 secure connections, FTP downloads, comprehensive JavaScript 1.6 engine, tabbed browsers (pioneered by IBrowse), a customisable GUI layout, many other customisable features and support for proprietary extensions from other browsers. IBrowse is compatible with AmigaOS® 3.x, 3.1.4, 4.1FE and MorphOS.

  Summary of the new features:
OS4 Native Version Added (OS4.1 Final Edition Required)
AmiSSL v4 / TLSv1.3 Support
MUI 4.0 and 5.0 Support
Alpha Channel Support (OS4)
4Gb+ File/Downloads (OS4)
Customizable Spoofing Strings
OpenSearch Support

  Summary of the re-written features:
TextEditField Text Editor
Disk Cache Clean

   Summary of the improved features:
JavaScript Engine
HTML Engine
HTTP Engine
Password Manager
Cookie Support
Various GUI Elements
Internal Image Decoders
Memory Management
Bug Fixes

30 Aug 2019

Metro Siege revealed - The Amiga Streets of Rage we always wanted

This is the moment we have been waiting for years to come and I'm glad to 
witness myself incredible games that can push your Amiga to the limits.
We are talking for the new game under development called Metro Siege.

Metro Siege is a classic 2 player Co-op Brawler game like Final Fight and streets of rage.
It is the brawler we always wanted for the Amiga and there was a gap for many years
on this genre. The last descent brawler game i played on my Amiga was Double dragon 3.

Metro Siege has everything you want to see on your screen with OCS graphics
and with only 1mb of ram it can run perfect on A500 at 25fps and the game its
coded on pure C & ASM coding. This means the game runs optimized in 16 colors. 
I can say for sure this is a game missing from the Amiga library.

A teaser trailer is also released from the team with some gameplay
from the 1st level so get ready

We have seen Amiga Bill stream on Twitch hosting
Michael Parent and he told us there will be a nice Boxed version in the future.
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29 Aug 2019

Project Horizon - New Amiga multi-scrolling shoot em up under development

We didn't expect so soon a new Amiga game to be revealed.
I have to say 2019 is more prosperous than last year and new ideas and games are always
welcome as we follow the amiga scene. A team called Electric Black Sheep
is developing a multi-scrolling shoot em up called Project horizon.

The graphics are awesome

Some Alien Enemies are chasing the hero

The truth is we dont have enough info yet for this new game but the team
has released a gameplay of the engine showing us the developement and the graphics.
Even some blue alien enemies are killed from gun fire. It looks great.

I have searched in the past and found Electric Black Sheep team
was also developing a new game for the Android platform based on the
International Karate (IK+) Amiga game. One this is for sure, the team
has deep roots in the Amiga gaming and soon one more game will be released.

Say hello to my little blue enemies

TGS Joystick on Amiga 34 Germany playing Reshoot-R

Amiga 34 Neuss Germany event is one of the biggest
worldwide where all the new games , hardware & software are
presented once a year to the public. Here you will find almost everything
amiga related.  Amiga 34 this year is celebrating the Innovation, creativity
and fun from various developers from all over the world.

This Year Amiga 34 will be unique for all of us involved in this project
and especially Dinohatzi the maker of ''The Greek Stick'' 
We have the honor to present TGS with our good friend and official beta tester
for europe Richard Lowenstein
The man behind the famous Amiga games 
Reshoot in 2016 and Reshoot-R in 2019.

Richard will help us to gather some more feedback for the TGS joystick
from the audience on Amiga 34 event while playing Reshoot-R.
So if you are going to Amiga 34 you will have the opportunity to test The Greek stick.

Richard also presented TGS joystick for the Amiga Joker magazine
and we will have a review on the issue of this year. Dont forget to grab your copy.
TGS will be beta testing for the Joker Magazine for the future and we are
sending our best wishes and a heavy duty joystick to test the new games.

 Reshoot-R Game was also presented live on AmigaBill's Twich stream on May
and it was a huge success with a stream were the developers were talking with
AmigaBill and the viewers from the chat asking the developers various questions.
It was an awesome stream and I personally enjoyed it.

We dont forget AmigaBill is also a beta tester for the TGS joystick in the US.
Its an honor for us having a strong beta testing team in our side.

We have been informed this year ''Cool_AmigaN'' a Greek journalist for the
Retro Planet Magazine will be on Amiga34 to demonstrate and Document TGS 
side by side with the Amiga legends this year.

Official Amiga 34 workbench 1.3 page : http://www.amiga34.de/WB.html

Follow Richard and Reshoot games on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/loewenstein

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27 Aug 2019

Metro Siege - AmigaBill reveals an Amiga500 brawler game you don't have to miss

We have some special news for our readers as we have been
informed from Pixelglass a new browler game for the Amiga 500
and with only 1mb of chip ram will be presented on the
It's called Metro Siege.
The game is a masterpiece for the community as we missed this
genre of games on the amiga for many years.
So on thursday tune in on Amigabill's Twitch stream
and you will be stunned from the graphics of this new 
Amiga game.
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21 Aug 2019

Function Demoparty 2019 in Hungary

Function is currently the biggest Hungarian demoscene party, a 3-day computer-related event where creators and fans of underground digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences, thoughts, and socialize. 

Also Function Demoparty accept remote submission entries for the compos.
Its your chance to impress the audience with your skills.
It will took place in Budapest - Hungary at September 13-15 on Bakelite multy art centre

Competitions are at the heart of every demoparty.
Whether you are competing or not, compo nights are always 
atmospheric, inspiring, and entertaining. 
Those are the compo's explained.
So if you got a talented skill on making music or some nice pixel graphics or you like photography and the thrill of coding a demo on 64kb this party is for you.
More info on the official Demoparty page:
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19 Aug 2019

Inviyya - New Shoot 'Em Up in development for Amiga 500.

The reason I love Amiga so much is because everyday something new emerges 
from the World Wide Web as the elders were saying 30 years ago.
Music, games , demoscene, hardware stuff, new amiga computers and guess...
 Although this game is under development almost 3 years we have high hopes 
for a final release of this incredible shoot em up. 
Yes, one more new game for the Amiga 500 this time with multiple effects,
Smooth frame rates, parallax scrolling big BIG sprites and overall incredible graphics.

This is ''Inviyya'' an Amiga 500 shoot em up. The graphics look awesome
and I was stunned from the flow of the gameplay. 
Cant wait to play this with my TGS joystick.

Its a game under development, dont rush, we will have more news of this game
soon and Vintage Computers Society will be there for an exclusive review
when the game will be released. For now enjoy a gameplay video of 2nd level.

Video from Michael Borrmann YT channel

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16 Aug 2019

Ion Fury PC release - Grab your copy

Many games have been released over the years in retro style.
New built engines serve the purpose of recreating 2D platforms or
other genre games to look and feel like a 90's game.
But what about if you create a new game in reverse ?
How about to develop a 2019 game on 23 years old engine ?
Some say you cant teach an old dog new tricks but this is not
gonna happen with ION Fury.

Ion Fury (formerly Ion Maiden) is a new 1st person shooter game
released on 2019 developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms.
Ion Fury runs on a modified version on Ken Silverman's Base Engine
and its the 1st commercial game that utilizes this engine 19 years later
since WWII GI game was released with this engine.

The game is built on the EDuke32. A fork of the Build engine modified to
run on modern operating systems with some extra tweaks  and effects.
So the look and feel of this game is actual the same engine you played 
20 years ago and the gameplay is awesome.

A big thanks to LGR for getting the pre-release version of the game
on his hands 1st and show us some gameplay and action.

Check out the official PC game release trailer

Go check the game on their official page and grap your copy too.

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