21 Aug 2019

Function Demoparty 2019 in Hungary

Function is currently the biggest Hungarian demoscene party, a 3-day computer-related event where creators and fans of underground digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences, thoughts, and socialize. 

Also Function Demoparty accept remote submission entries for the compos.
Its your chance to impress the audience with your skills.
It will took place in Budapest - Hungary at September 13-15 on Bakelite multy art centre

Competitions are at the heart of every demoparty.
Whether you are competing or not, compo nights are always 
atmospheric, inspiring, and entertaining. 
Those are the compo's explained.
So if you got a talented skill on making music or some nice pixel graphics or you like photography and the thrill of coding a demo on 64kb this party is for you.
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