16 Aug 2019

Ion Fury PC release - Grab your copy

Many games have been released over the years in retro style.
New built engines serve the purpose of recreating 2D platforms or
other genre games to look and feel like a 90's game.
But what about if you create a new game in reverse ?
How about to develop a 2019 game on 23 years old engine ?
Some say you cant teach an old dog new tricks but this is not
gonna happen with ION Fury.

Ion Fury (formerly Ion Maiden) is a new 1st person shooter game
released on 2019 developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms.
Ion Fury runs on a modified version on Ken Silverman's Base Engine
and its the 1st commercial game that utilizes this engine 19 years later
since WWII GI game was released with this engine.

The game is built on the EDuke32. A fork of the Build engine modified to
run on modern operating systems with some extra tweaks  and effects.
So the look and feel of this game is actual the same engine you played 
20 years ago and the gameplay is awesome.

A big thanks to LGR for getting the pre-release version of the game
on his hands 1st and show us some gameplay and action.

Check out the official PC game release trailer

Go check the game on their official page and grap your copy too.

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