1 Jun 2020

Verge World : A new voxel game for Amiga and many other platforms got a new tech demo

Verge World : Icarus Rising

A new sci-fi space shooter, racer game with exploration elements is just
around the corner to hit the Amiga gaming scene from the RetroBones Team.
A new gaming experience exploring a voxel generated landscape world.
Demo V.1.0.1 is out now on the official retro bones page.
Also Feedback from users is very crucial for the team.

VergeWorld: Icarus Rising is a game, in which you prove your worth by completing the infamous Death Run challenge. Only this way you can convince the Revolt to accept you as one of them. Don't hesitate. Now you can Download the demo and show them who is the best pilot in the region called Caelum Sector! 

What is VergeWorld?

In the distant future, on the distant, inhospitable planet, mankind engages in one thing it knows well - war. The tyrannical, corporate regime wants to enslave all inhabitants of the Kingdom - humanity’s new home. As a young smuggler, Nix, aboard the aircraft Icarus you want to help the oppressed by joining the Revolt.

The Game will be released also for Atari ST , Macintosh,
Sega Genesis/Megadrive and Neo-Geo.

The new indicators on V1.01 are more helpful 
when you pilot the spacecraft.

9 Nov 2019

Retro Gaming Challenge #01

Retro Gaming Challenge took place last weekend on 2nd & 3rd of November 2019
The Event was hosted by the Teams of I-sheep.gr , www.retroshowcase.com and Retrounboxers.
Vintage computers society was there to cover the event.

This was the 1st time ever in Greece a retro gaming challenge was hosted  with prizes
and yes there will be more events like that soon again.
The participants had to beat on Amiga the high-score of the game Project-X.
The 3 highest scores wins the prizes of the event with the contestants 
claiming a PSX mini an Atari portable console an I-sheep handmade hat
and games for PS4 and XboxOne

The Prizes of Retro Gaming Challenge #01

I-sheep.gr with cooperation with Bits & Bites Internet cafe at Melissia have
gathered the Load Error Teams together for the event.
But what is this retro gaming challenge ?
Its an event that gives the opportunity for younger kinds to learn and challenge in oldschool 
games from various platforms like Amiga , PSX , Xbox Classic , and many more.

Testing the Monster Joystick on Amiga games

Its good for younger kids to learn the roots of gaming and this event was created
for this purpose. Games you play today on PS4 and Switch have history 
on older gaming from home computers and micros and 1st gen consoles.

Young lad playing project X on Amiga

The 1st event was made with commodore Amiga computers. Players have the support 
from team members of Retrounboxers and Retroshowcase.com to give them all the info
and hints to play the game Project-X and beat the highest score to win the prizes.

T.G.S joystick 1 button version

The weapons of choice for the gamers were the classics Tomahawk and CMS joysticks
but there were also some new ones like The Greek Stick joystick from Dinohatzi 
and the Deluxe mini monster from Monsterjoysticks.com
All joysticks performed well and accurate for the challenge.

Greek gamers prefer a right handed Deluxe mini Monster

Stay tuned for the next Retro gaming challenge soon.
Enjoy the photo gallery from the event and follow  our teams for more 
retro gaming on facebook :

2 Sep 2019

Preview of the AmigaOS 3.2 has been announced

Our beloved Amiga has witnessed the release of the new AmigaOS 3.1.4.
It was pretty sure some updates will follow and we were informed
from amiganews.de that after the latest 3.1.41 update in july a new 
AmigaOS 3.2 version will be released

screenshot from version 3.1.4

This is the news article from amiganews.de

In July AmigaOS was released. Under the title link now Thomas 'ThoR' Richter is giving a preview to the forthcoming AmigaOS 3.2.

First he has published a picture (only visible for registered users) of the Workbench which shows features that have been already implemented and which the readers should find. If a new feature was found by a reader it is either confirmed, or not.
GadTools now are font sensitive which is used by the new preferences editor and other system tools.
Regarding the print setting now the name of the output device 
can be specified instead of choosing the parallel or serial interface.
The name of the title line can be changed.
Windows can be iconified.
The Shell remebers commands which have been already entered. 
You can also search through these commands.
The Shell offers an input assistance.
There is a new, minimal AUX-Handler which enables tab expansion to also work over the serial line.

Screenshot from 3.1.4 AmigaOS

As you understand the screenshot was provided to the registered users
and we were informed from a member of the beta testing team the 
update will be released soon. 

31 Aug 2019

IBrowse 2.5 for Amiga released

We have already heard about a new IBrowse update and on 30th of Aug
Version 2.5 has been officialy released on the IBrowse webpage

IBrowse is a fast, stable, classic web browser helping you surf the net with your AMIGA. Features include HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 browsing, TLSv1.3 secure connections, FTP downloads, comprehensive JavaScript 1.6 engine, tabbed browsers (pioneered by IBrowse), a customisable GUI layout, many other customisable features and support for proprietary extensions from other browsers. IBrowse is compatible with AmigaOS® 3.x, 3.1.4, 4.1FE and MorphOS.

  Summary of the new features:
OS4 Native Version Added (OS4.1 Final Edition Required)
AmiSSL v4 / TLSv1.3 Support
MUI 4.0 and 5.0 Support
Alpha Channel Support (OS4)
4Gb+ File/Downloads (OS4)
Customizable Spoofing Strings
OpenSearch Support

  Summary of the re-written features:
TextEditField Text Editor
Disk Cache Clean

   Summary of the improved features:
JavaScript Engine
HTML Engine
HTTP Engine
Password Manager
Cookie Support
Various GUI Elements
Internal Image Decoders
Memory Management
Bug Fixes

30 Aug 2019

Metro Siege revealed - The Amiga Streets of Rage we always wanted

This is the moment we have been waiting for years to come and I'm glad to 
witness myself incredible games that can push your Amiga to the limits.
We are talking for the new game under development called Metro Siege.

Metro Siege is a classic 2 player Co-op Brawler game like Final Fight and streets of rage.
It is the brawler we always wanted for the Amiga and there was a gap for many years
on this genre. The last descent brawler game i played on my Amiga was Double dragon 3.

Metro Siege has everything you want to see on your screen with OCS graphics
and with only 1mb of ram it can run perfect on A500 at 25fps and the game its
coded on pure C & ASM coding. This means the game runs optimized in 16 colors. 
I can say for sure this is a game missing from the Amiga library.

A teaser trailer is also released from the team with some gameplay
from the 1st level so get ready

We have seen Amiga Bill stream on Twitch hosting
Michael Parent and he told us there will be a nice Boxed version in the future.
We have to follow this project and dont forget to follow VCS on Facebook