13 Jun 2020

Pintz & Amiga gaming charity stream for the NHS

Pintz and Amiga game night Stream on Youtube is making a
charity stream for the NHS for US and UK. Together we will collect
money to help as much as we can on 20th of June 2020.

Here is the Link for the Charity and a message from Taylor and Jack:

''Come Join us for a charity Live stream to help support our fans and over in the U.K and give to NHS (National Healthcare Services) charities together. We will be doing Amiga live segments, live guests, demos, and of course plenty of Amiga gaming. We hope you join and please spread the message and donate!''

If you haven't heard before about Pintz & Amiga channel on Youtube
then maybe you're leaving under a rock.
Father and Son from Austin Texas host an Amiga gaming Live show
once a week and also they are big fans of the Sega Dreamcast .
The show started back in October 2018 with game requests and
quickly have found his fans and friends.
The best part of the stream is always a cold Beer we enjoy together live
and have a nice and chill conversation with Taylor & Jack.

Pintz And Amiga also hosts on Wednesdays AmigaLive sessions
and together with other friends around the world and The Vintage computers Society
team we play some of the most iconic amiga games live on stream.

Latest episode from the AmigaLive sessions

So now Lets see the schedule for the 20th of June:

8am -9am Coffee N' Amiga (2pm - 3pm BST),
9am -11am Baz Menskie Challenge (3pm-5pm BST),
11pm - 3pm   video guests and gaming (5pm-9pm BST),
3pm -8pm AmigaLive Charity Tourney (9pm -2am BST).
(times subject to change as needed)

Our Video Guests are as follows in order of appearance:

 Amiga Bill from the 
YouTube Channel "The Guru Meditation" and 
Twitch channel "Amiga Bill"

Doug from the YouTube channel "10 Minute Amiga Retro-cast"
Neil from the YouTube channel "Retro Man Cave"

This will be a massive 12 hour stream so stop by to say a hi, grab your Pintz  and join the fun.

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