2 Sept 2019

Preview of the AmigaOS 3.2 has been announced

Our beloved Amiga has witnessed the release of the new AmigaOS 3.1.4.
It was pretty sure some updates will follow and we were informed
from amiganews.de that after the latest 3.1.41 update in july a new 
AmigaOS 3.2 version will be released

screenshot from version 3.1.4

This is the news article from amiganews.de

In July AmigaOS was released. Under the title link now Thomas 'ThoR' Richter is giving a preview to the forthcoming AmigaOS 3.2.

First he has published a picture (only visible for registered users) of the Workbench which shows features that have been already implemented and which the readers should find. If a new feature was found by a reader it is either confirmed, or not.
GadTools now are font sensitive which is used by the new preferences editor and other system tools.
Regarding the print setting now the name of the output device 
can be specified instead of choosing the parallel or serial interface.
The name of the title line can be changed.
Windows can be iconified.
The Shell remebers commands which have been already entered. 
You can also search through these commands.
The Shell offers an input assistance.
There is a new, minimal AUX-Handler which enables tab expansion to also work over the serial line.

Screenshot from 3.1.4 AmigaOS

As you understand the screenshot was provided to the registered users
and we were informed from a member of the beta testing team the 
update will be released soon.