17 Jun 2019

10 Minute Amiga Retrocast New episode #30

Its Been a while posting news on the blog for a while as personal life gets involved and
there is no extra help for making new posts on the blog.
 I had to stop for about a month due to work related issues.

So now here we are again with a new episode from 10Marc on his Youtube channel

This time we have a video with the Basics to the world of the Commodore Amiga.
10Marc on his 30th episode has A Beginners Guide to the Amiga Workbench.

Here's what Douglas wrote:

This week I am starting a new mini series covering the basics of the Amiga Workbench and how to use your Amiga for something else than just an awesome game machine. Part One is all about the Workbench, Part Two will cover the Shell (CLI) and some of the "under the hood" power of the Amiga, and Part Three will tie everything together and introduce some of the best third party utilities to use with your Amiga.

We will have more episodes from the workbench series from 10Marc so stay tuned

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