21 Jul 2019

Gameathlon summer event 2019

We were here for this year and the vintage computers society team 
in collaboration with RetroUnboxers and Retroshowcase.com
have gathered up and the Load Error team presented 
a massive collection of retro computers and consoles from 
the 8bit era till the late 90’s consoles.
Everything was here, we had even a CDTV playing turrican on the event.
I will not speak much as the photos and the related videos will speak on this article.
We got 2 videos from Day one and two
And some wonderful photos to share today. 
So sit back and relax.

Day one video

Day two video

The Legendary Pacman Joystick
And the newborn T.G.S boxed version

 Vampire600 from the VCS
 The VCS Arcade box with RPi

 CDTV playing Turrican from Alex76