9 Nov 2019

Retro Gaming Challenge #01

Retro Gaming Challenge took place last weekend on 2nd & 3rd of November 2019
The Event was hosted by the Teams of I-sheep.gr , www.retroshowcase.com and Retrounboxers.
Vintage computers society was there to cover the event.

This was the 1st time ever in Greece a retro gaming challenge was hosted  with prizes
and yes there will be more events like that soon again.
The participants had to beat on Amiga the high-score of the game Project-X.
The 3 highest scores wins the prizes of the event with the contestants 
claiming a PSX mini an Atari portable console an I-sheep handmade hat
and games for PS4 and XboxOne

The Prizes of Retro Gaming Challenge #01

I-sheep.gr with cooperation with Bits & Bites Internet cafe at Melissia have
gathered the Load Error Teams together for the event.
But what is this retro gaming challenge ?
Its an event that gives the opportunity for younger kinds to learn and challenge in oldschool 
games from various platforms like Amiga , PSX , Xbox Classic , and many more.

Testing the Monster Joystick on Amiga games

Its good for younger kids to learn the roots of gaming and this event was created
for this purpose. Games you play today on PS4 and Switch have history 
on older gaming from home computers and micros and 1st gen consoles.

Young lad playing project X on Amiga

The 1st event was made with commodore Amiga computers. Players have the support 
from team members of Retrounboxers and Retroshowcase.com to give them all the info
and hints to play the game Project-X and beat the highest score to win the prizes.

T.G.S joystick 1 button version

The weapons of choice for the gamers were the classics Tomahawk and CMS joysticks
but there were also some new ones like The Greek Stick joystick from Dinohatzi 
and the Deluxe mini monster from Monsterjoysticks.com
All joysticks performed well and accurate for the challenge.

Greek gamers prefer a right handed Deluxe mini Monster

Stay tuned for the next Retro gaming challenge soon.
Enjoy the photo gallery from the event and follow  our teams for more 
retro gaming on facebook :

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  1. We have to thank you about your article!! If you want to learn more about our event read more here: https://www.isheep.gr/2019/10/retro-gaming-challenge.html