29 Aug 2019

Project Horizon - New Amiga multi-scrolling shoot em up under development

We didn't expect so soon a new Amiga game to be revealed.
I have to say 2019 is more prosperous than last year and new ideas and games are always
welcome as we follow the amiga scene. A team called Electric Black Sheep
is developing a multi-scrolling shoot em up called Project horizon.

The graphics are awesome

Some Alien Enemies are chasing the hero

The truth is we dont have enough info yet for this new game but the team
has released a gameplay of the engine showing us the developement and the graphics.
Even some blue alien enemies are killed from gun fire. It looks great.

I have searched in the past and found Electric Black Sheep team
was also developing a new game for the Android platform based on the
International Karate (IK+) Amiga game. One this is for sure, the team
has deep roots in the Amiga gaming and soon one more game will be released.

Say hello to my little blue enemies

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