29 Aug 2019

TGS Joystick on Amiga 34 Germany playing Reshoot-R

Amiga 34 Neuss Germany event is one of the biggest
worldwide where all the new games , hardware & software are
presented once a year to the public. Here you will find almost everything
amiga related.  Amiga 34 this year is celebrating the Innovation, creativity
and fun from various developers from all over the world.

This Year Amiga 34 will be unique for all of us involved in this project
and especially Dinohatzi the maker of ''The Greek Stick'' 
We have the honor to present TGS with our good friend and official beta tester
for europe Richard Lowenstein
The man behind the famous Amiga games 
Reshoot in 2016 and Reshoot-R in 2019.

Richard will help us to gather some more feedback for the TGS joystick
from the audience on Amiga 34 event while playing Reshoot-R.
So if you are going to Amiga 34 you will have the opportunity to test The Greek stick.

Richard also presented TGS joystick for the Amiga Joker magazine
and we will have a review on the issue of this year. Dont forget to grab your copy.
TGS will be beta testing for the Joker Magazine for the future and we are
sending our best wishes and a heavy duty joystick to test the new games.

 Reshoot-R Game was also presented live on AmigaBill's Twich stream on May
and it was a huge success with a stream were the developers were talking with
AmigaBill and the viewers from the chat asking the developers various questions.
It was an awesome stream and I personally enjoyed it.

We dont forget AmigaBill is also a beta tester for the TGS joystick in the US.
Its an honor for us having a strong beta testing team in our side.

We have been informed this year ''Cool_AmigaN'' a Greek journalist for the
Retro Planet Magazine will be on Amiga34 to demonstrate and Document TGS 
side by side with the Amiga legends this year.

Official Amiga 34 workbench 1.3 page : http://www.amiga34.de/WB.html

Follow Richard and Reshoot games on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/loewenstein

Follow VCS on Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/822503347798887/

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