14 Apr 2019

Amiga Power : The Album with Attitude

On This Update we have to inform our readers for a new album release 
Amiga Power : The Album with attitude by Matthew Smith

A double CD collection of Amiga Game music remixes, inspired by 
the mightiest computer games magazine ever conceived by human beings.
Starring the tuneful talents of Andrew Barnabas, Allister Brimble, Mike Clarke, Fabian Del Priore, Olof Gustafsson, Jogeir Liljedahl, Joi, Jon Hare, Chris Huelsbeck, Barry Leitch, Patrick Nevian, Jason Page, Instant Remedy, Matthias Steinwachs, Jeroen Tel, Tim Wright and a whole host of other excellent persons, the AP album is set to come your way via two (count ‘em!) compact discs, or an equivalent digital download if you’re distrustful of physical objects.

Yes you heard right. There is a Kickstarter almost complete to reach the goal of $20.925
soon it will be completed and you have to hurry to pledge your copy.
Amiga Power is a brand new collection of 30 studio quality amiga tracks remixed by all these talented musicians

Grab your copy for one of the best retro Amiga albums of 2019

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