11 Apr 2019

Sardonic - A cross platform shoot-em up for Amiga, Spectrum, PC

2019 is a good year like 2018 when more than 30 titles were released for various platforms.
Oldschool gaming is again on the rise and this time we have Sardonic.
Its a blast from the past as the title screen on the ZX spectrum says.
 amiga version screenshots
amiga version screenshots

Sardonic is a multiplatform shoot-em up game released for:
ZX spectrum
The team of the game says that more platforms of the game are on development.
Its a fast paced shooter game and very addictive.

 ZX spectrum Version
ZX spectrum version

The Amiga versions are for OCS/ECS and AGA machines
(its also the latest version added)
The ZX spectrum version works on 48k / 128k / +2 / +2A / +3
(extra special effects on 128k machines)
The windows version works on Win95 / win2000 / XP / Vista / Win7

 WindowsPC version
WindowsPC version

Code and Graphics by MadAxe
Music by Fred.

More info on the link below :

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