6 May 2019

Vespertino : Batman Group breaks the limits

''28 years of productions for several platforms are not enough''

This is a line from the new video from the Batman Group.
After several productions on various 8-bit and 16-bit machines the team
has passed the limit of the Amstrad CPC and finaly they are ready to release a new game called


An 8bit racing game that performs like a 16 bit game with awesome graphics
and the biggest OST ever for a CPC game.
We thought Batman team after pinball dreams reached the limits of CPC, but not.

Vespertino hits your Amstrad so hard with graphics like the Lotus series for the amiga
and smooth scrolling. When we show the video we said thats impossible.
We said the same thing too when we sao EON from the black lotus on Revision 2019

The team Responsible for the game is:

3D graphics by Tony Galvez
Art byMAC
Coding by Rhino

This Game has those features on his graphics engine:

16bit performance, 3D CRTC-FX engine, Full overscan, 25fps on game, Real Racing simulator
true speed, true feel, enchanced video modes with RPI technology, The biggest OST for a CPC game.

''The Amstrad supremacy is coming'' 

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