17 Mar 2019

VCS Greets the Retro Community Worldwide

Welcome to The Vintage Computers Society (VCS) of Athens Greece. This is the 1st post for starting this new blog related to retro gaming , retro news , hardware reviews , interviews with retro community members , events and many more related to our favorite computers and consoles from the past 3 decades we all loved and share our respect till today.
   VCS is located in the Heart of Athens. A vast collection of Computers are present in the Club and all the members have contributed for the Huge collection of Home micro computers and consoles from various companies such as Commodore , Acorn , Amstrad , Sinclair , Apple , Sega , Nintendo , Neo Geo , Atari , Philips and many more.
   There is also a huge collection of Retro joystics and gamepads from Greek Companies and other brands from around the world.
  We also have a big love For Amiga Computers and many members are equipped with the latest technology on hardware based amigas using Vampire Accelerators and the latest gadgets on hardware.
    We also support the Greek Retroplanet Magazine. The only retro magazine in Greece printed on paper with readers from all around Greece.
    VCS members also supporting the Greek Retro Exhibitions with Vintage computers, consoles and presentations in various locations in Athens.

Stay tuned for more Vintage evolution.