10 May 2019

PONG 4K - A New Pong genre game for AGA Amiga

Great news for Amiga as this month and the last one we saw a lot of amiga games popping.
Here comes another one release from Koyot1222 and Goatmare. 
At a first glance you will think this is another pong game or a clone but it ain't.
This is a full CD32 release game with cdxl intro and audio CD soundtrack.
The game was 1st released back in October 2018 in Retrokomp2018  
It took 3rd place on the gamedev compo.

We are happy to announce Amiga.net.pl has released a physical copy too on CD boxed version
on a very reasonable price and a downloadable iso. You should grab your copy too.

Credits for the youtube video for gameplay : Lemming880
Code/Sfx: Cobe, Pixelart: Koyot1222, Music: Goatmare, Testing: Lemming880

The specs of the game we found from Amiga.net.pl:

 real full screen 320x267 pixels
 animated CDXL intro in HAM-6 mode
 possibility to play up to four players simultaneously
 three different game modes
 in-game music in the form of AudioCD
 dynamic stereo sound effects panning
 parallax scrolling

This Boxed edition includes:
 game CD (also bootable on CD32)
 color printed manual
 DVD box with color cover
 foil for box
 sticker 7x10 cm
 coloured poster in A3 format

Storage: 1 CD 
 Edition: CD box 
Requirements: AGA, 14 MHz CPU, 2 MB Chip RAM, CD-ROM 
Availability: June 2019 

Game can be bought on the links Bellow :

Also there is one Free version from the Compo and ca be found on pouet.net:

So you can try the democomp version and if you like the game 
help developers and buy the physical copy too

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