21 Mar 2019

World Warrior - Amiga unreleased Beat em up game

Amiga always have surprises from time to time and thats awesome for a 30 year old computer finding new stuff all the time. Saberman released a new video showing a beat em up game called Word warrior for Amiga. On the video we can see some gameplay footage of the actual game never released. 

It reminds me a lot of capital punishment game for Aga amiga's with big sprites and nice character animations. Too bad we didnt see this game released.

Keith wrote on his personal blog that world warrior was a working title and this game is for street fighter 2 what Blaze is to Sonic. A blatant Rip-off. The game was mainly a reaction for Keith because when SF2 for amiga came out it was a total disaster in graphics and gameplay. This was the time when Rage came to his mind and coded on Assembly world warrior.
On the development of the game Keith learned a trick how to scroll the screen on 50hz even if the whole game runs on 25hz.
The massive flickering on the video that occurs is due to a bug in the scrolling and later this bug was fixed in a later version but the patch was lost in a hard drive crash.
Amiga still surprises me with those gems that came up to the surface.
Who knows how many unreleased games are locked inside the Attic or the old garage when small kids with passion wrote those games for their beloved Amiga.
One thing for sure is people love those machines and release their secret gems from time to time.
Stay tuned for more news from the VCS.

Download links for World warrior AGA demo bellow :

Download game 
Keith's personal page

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