24 Mar 2019

New A1200 accelerator with 68060 and FPGA will hit the Market soon

There is a new hardware accelerator developement on the A1200 we all dream about
we heard the news and we inform you that this accelerator is a new 68060 brand new card with lots of capabilities to offer such as wifi usb clockport FPGA co-processor and many more.

Specs of the card are:
68060 @50 (overclocked even up to 100, depends on revision)
256MB DDR3-800 RAM
RTG graphics up to 1920x1080 resolution and full 24bit color
fast hardware blitter
port for optional flicker-fixer for AGA video
16bit stereo audio codec (no AHI driver yet)
onboard fast-ATA CF port ~6MB/s transfer rate
additional cache (64kB) to comensate DDR latency.
400MHz ARM MCU -> SD card with DMA, JPEG decoding, MP3 decoding, etc. but theese features will be implementet later. Currently ARM is not used yet at all.

Main CPU:68060, FPGA act as a bridge, DDR memory ctrl, cache, RTG, etc. There is also 16bit audio codec, WiFi module and 400MHz ARM MCU for later planned additional features

Is there audio from hdmi - yes, for video optional flicker-fixer will be offered. There is special port on Warp1260 for it.

The Card is almost entering "beta" stage, so a bit of patience, but it will be availabe later this year.. Later updates will add more great features
No price announced but be paitent.
Only Amiga makes it possible :)


  1. Oh yes I need it as soon as its ready as long as it under £300

  2. A single 68060 alone will set you back $800..

  3. Hi so looking at around €1400 Mark? Cost but super fast card for A1200.

  4. It will be pricey but it will be awesome